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Voices of CFMA: Andrea Castle

November's episode of Voices of CFMA features Andrea Castle, Managing Partner at Crowe, as she discusses what brought her to CFMA, the best advice she's received, and what she thinks is the greatest benefit of joining CFMA. If you're thinking about joining CFMA, there's no better time than during our 12+ Membership promotion!

Subcontractor Prequalification Course

Prequalification programs have been well established, but questions persist for many in how to choose the best subcontractor, and likewise as a subcontractor, how to put in your best effort to get the job. This session will take a deep dive into learning the prequalification process. Learn why some GCs worry about subcontractor failure and how subcontractors can become more comfortable with sharing financial information. Gain insight into best practices your company can implement to make your financial statement picture perfect.

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CFMA Building Profits: September/October

Nov 06, 2023

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How Beliefs Influence Decision Making

Nov 27, 2023

What is clear after 50 years of research into the business of construction is that construction p...

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