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Voices of CFMA

Voices of CFMA is a monthly podcast dedicated to telling the stories of our members. Hear how our members got started in the construction finance industry, share advice that has shaped their careers, and moments they are proud about. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Pocket Casts, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


Latest Episode

A conversation with Chairman Pam Hepburn, CCIFP about her career in construction accounting and how CFMA has helped her grow, plus the impact becoming a Certified Construction Financial Industry Professional (CCIFP) has had on her career. 

Kevin Booth

In this episode, Chairman Kevin talks about his experience as Chairman of CFMA, his transition from hospitality accounting to construction accounting, and what he has planned for the future.

Andrea Williams

A conversation with Andrea Williams about her career in construction accounting as a Black woman, her involvement with CFMA, and advice for newcomers.

Jen Haub

A conversation with Jen Haub about her career in the construction industry and what the planning process looks like for the Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Victor Sturgis

The fifth episode of Voices of CFMA is an interview with Victor Sturgis and shares his experience and shares about his position as Crowe's Racial Equity Fellow.

Steve Freinberg

The fourth episode of Voices of CFMA is an interview with Steve Freinberg on his experience in the industry and information about CFMA's Financial Benchmarker.

Yvette Aubin

The third episode of Voice of CFMA is an interview with Yvette Aubin, CCIFP, on her experiences in the industry and her involvement with CFMA.

Patsy Anderson-Dunn

CFMA's second episode is an interview with Patsy Anderson-Dunn, CCIFP, on her experience in the construction industry and Suicide Prevention Month.

Joe McLaughlin

CFMA is kicking off a brand new podcast with a conversation between former Chairman Joe McLaughlin, CCIFP and marketing coordinator Cait Platt.