Financial Benchmarker

What is the Financial Benchmarker?

CFMA’s Financial Benchmarker allows a construction company or CPA firm to compare financial performance against the rest of the industry. First published by CFMA in 1989 as the “Annual Financial Survey” and continuing every year since, in 2013 the Financial Benchmarker became all-electronic.

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2021 Key Findings

The 2021 Financial Benchmarker was released in September with more than 1,200 respondents. here are a few key findings:
  • Best in class companies reported total annual revenue of $51 million in FY2020, representing growth of 5.2%
  • The typical respondent also reported a higher Return on Equity (ROE) during FY2020 (35.6%) than did respondents in FY2019 (29.6%).
  • The average respondent achieved a net income before tax margin of over 6.5% in FY2020.

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Who is it for?

  • Construction financial professionals
  • General contractors
  • CPA firms

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How to use it

The Financial Benchmarker will help you conduct an analysis with an interactive, side-by-side comparison of your financials versus the industry benchmarks. The Construction Financial Benchmarker provides the data that details the industry with:
  • Flexible, reliable, and immediate financial reports and in-depth analysis
  • Key financial measurements so you can benchmark and evaluate your company’s performance
  • Comparative charts and graphs perfect for high-powered presentations

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How can it help my company?

There are many ways that construction companies can use this information, such as:
  • Compare your company's financial performance against the industry.
  • See if your company outperforms, performs in-line with or falls short of industry financial averages.
  • Take a deeper look into your operations to improve under-performing segments.

Benchmarking resources

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