How do I join or renew membership with CFMA?

Joining CFMA is a two step process.

First you will need to create a profile by clicking here.
After creating a CFMA profile, click the "Join CFMA" link to begin the member application process.
Once complete the membership will be active.

Membership renewal begins in December of each year. Memberships can be renewed by logging into the member record then clicking on the RENEW NOW link.

What makes CFMA valuable to its members?
Who are CFMA members?

CFMA General members are comprised of general contractors, subcontractors as well as developers, construction managers, architects, engineers, principals, and material and equipment suppliers.

Associate members are those serving the construction industry, such as public accountants, sureties, bankers, insurance agents/brokers and carrier’s consultants, and other service providers.

What are the benefits of CFMA membership?

The local chapter is a huge benefit of CFMA membership, as it allows you to network with peers, attend quality meetings that provide useful topics and education that you can use in your professional life. As a member of CFMA you will have the ability to access The Online Membership Directory which allows you access to members nationwide. You will receive CFMA’s Building Profits Magazine which is packed full of useful articles and information tailored specifically for the construction financial professional. You will also be able to take part in our online courses and webinars which can earn you CPE credits at no additional cost.

What types of CFMA memberships are available, and what are the fees?

CFMA offers two primary membership categories. The Associate membership and the General membership. Click here to view all membership categories

Can I add a chapter membership to my existing CFMA membership?

Yes, however you cannot add a chapter membership to your existing membership online. To add a chapter membership, please call CFMA's membership dept. at 609-945-2425.

Does CFMA have Chapters?

Yes, CFMA chapters meet locally, allowing members to get the added benefits of local networking and education. Each chapter is unique in the structure and content of its meetings. All members of CFMA chapters must also be members of CFMA. Find a CFMA chapter near you!

When will my membership expire?

All CFMA memberships will expire on March 31 of each year.

Does CFMA offer company memberships?

CFMA does not offer company memberships. All memberships are on an individual basis.

Are membership fees pro-rated?

CFMA membership dues are pro-rated from May 1 – September 30 of each year.

Do my membership benefits take effect immediately?

CFMA benefits are active immediately upon joining.

Can you transfer a CFMA membership to a different employee?

CFMA memberships can be transferred to a colleague at any time. The member or a company representative if the member is no longer there should reach out to for more information.

CFMA membership dues are non-refundable.

What happens if I pay out of pocket for my membership and then switch jobs?

CFMA members may keep their membership if they switch employers. Simply update your contact information and reach out to HQ at

CFMA membership dues are non-refundable.

What happens to my membership if I leave the construction industry?

The membership can be transferred to a colleague.

CFMA membership dues are non-refundable.

What should I do if I am retiring?

CFMA does offer a retired classification. Contact for more information.

How do I view my membership invoice?

Invoices can be viewed online by logging into the member record then clicking on the RENEW NOW link.

How can I get CFMA’s W-9 form?

The CFMA W-9 is available on the website here.

Does CFMA have bylaws?

Yes, you can view CFMA's bylaws here.

Membership Account

What is my CFMA member number?

Member numbers can be viewed online by logging into the member record.

How do I change my contact information with CFMA?

Contact information can be updated by logging into the member record then clicking ‘Update Profile’.

How do I update my email preferences?

Login to the member record then select My Account. Scroll down to eContact Preferences, click Update Preferences then click Edit Preferences. Make your updates then save.

How do I view my membership invoice?

Invoices can be viewed online by logging into the member record then clicking on the RENEW NOW link.

My information is incorrect in the membership directory, how do I fix this?

Invoices can be viewed online by logging into the member record then clicking on the RENEW NOW link.

Members-Only Connection Café Community

How do I access the Connection Café?

Once you login to your CFMA account with your username and password you will be automatically logged into the cafe. Simply click on the Cafe link at the top of the CFMA home page.

How do I post messages Connection Café?

Once you have successfully logged in click on Participate then click on Post a Message from the drop down menu.

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe, or change my email address on the Connection Café?

To join a community navigate to the "All Communities" page and click the Join button on the right of the one you wish to join. You will be prompted with a dialog box asking to verify your e-mail address and how you would like to receive messages from that community. When finished, click the Yes Join the Community button at the bottom of the dialog box.

To leave the community, navigate to its home page by clicking the /community name/ (4) under the “community” section then Settings, /Leave Community/.

Contact information can be updated by logging into the member record then clicking on the avatar then clicking ‘Profile’.

CFMA Certification

What is the CCIFP certification and what benefits does it provide?

Established in 2003, and today with more than 900 active CCIFPs nationwide, the CCIFP credential is the only standard to recognize that a financial manager truly knows the business of construction. Certification affords you a competitive edge over your peers by demonstrating your commitment to your profession and the construction industry as a whole.

The CCIFP designation is endorsed by such industry-leading organizations as ASA, CFMA, CICPAC, IRMI, NASBP, and others.

How do I register for a CCIFP exam?

Apply here to submit your online examination application.

Products & Services

What is Digitell and how do I utilize it to register for online education programs?

Digitell hosts CFMA’s online educational content and CPE access for all registered users. Once you have an account created on CFMA’s Education Online website, you can sign up for webinars and online courses, access all of your previous content, and complete webinar and online course evaluations to receive CPE credits.

Does CFMA award CPE credits for online educational programs? What are the requirements to receive credit and how do I access my CPE certificate after attending a program?

Yes, CFMA is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education, and is licensed to provide CPE credits for group-live and group-internet based programs.

To receive CPE credits for attending a webinar or online course, participants must log in to the program within 15 minutes of the start of the presentation and respond to a series of alertness checks at different intervals throughout the broadcast. Participants who do not meet the alertness requirement will not be able to take an evaluation survey or receive CPE credits.

Participants complete the online evaluation survey through CFMA’s Education Online website. Log on with your CFMA username and password and click My Account. Locate the title of the session and click Access, then Evaluations, to take the survey and print your CPE certificate. CPE certificates are only awarded for attending live online events and are not provided for viewing on demand programs.

How do I get more information about CFMA’s Annual Conference?

More information about CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition is available at, or by contacting Meeting Services at 609-452-8000 (option 2), or

What is Spring Creek and who attends?

CFMA at Spring Creek is a three-and-a-half day annual retreat designed for leaders from CFMA chapters who want to excel in the workplace, improve their work-life balance, and become successful chapter presidents. The focus of Spring Creek is personal development, professional development, and development within CFMA with an emphasis on building effective teams, leading through fun, and learning proven leadership models.

What is BP Online and how do I access it?

CFMA BP Online is the digital replica of CFMA Building Profits – CFMA’s bimonthly magazine. Once logged in to you can access BP Online from the member benefits navigation or go here. Click on the magazine cover to read, search, and share articles published since 2007.

What is CONFINDEX and how will it help me gain insight into the industry?

Compiled from four sub-indices measuring critical components of the financial health of a commercial construction company, CONFINDEX is CFMA’s quarterly confidence index survey of construction company CFOs.

What is the Connection Café and how do I get involved?

CFMA’s members-only social network is where members can connect with their peers on industry information, innovation, and business trends.

How do I learn more about the Financial Survey and Benchmarker products?

CFMA’s Financial Survey and Benchmarker resources include information on the Benchmarker, the Financial Survey Online Questionnaire, financial benchmarking products and pricing, and free industry insights.

How do I learn more about the Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry publication?

Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry desk reference book (“The Book”) contains the answers to the highly specialized, construction industry accounting challenges construction financial managers face every day. Available in both hard copy and e-book formats, “The Book” is the ultimate reference source and the only publication of its kind. Click here for more information on “The Book,” including the table of contents and selected free content.

What is the Career Center and what is the pricing structure for listing a job there?

CFMA’s Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the industry where employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool.

What are the Cost-Savings Programs?

CFMA has an affinity partnership with various companies that offer members discounts on products and services. Connect with these CFMA partners for effective, innovative ways to save money and immediately experience the benefit of CFMA membership.

CFMA User Account Help

I think I already have a user account but I have forgot my user ID and/or password. How do I recover this information?

You can use the Forgot Password page to recover your login information. If you believe you have a user account and the system is not recovering your login information, then contact us at for further assistance.

How do I update my profile and change my contact information?

Your profile and contact information can be updated with the Update My Account link after logging in to

Do I have to create a user account to purchase an item from your store?

Yes, a user account is required to track and verify orders. You can create a web account here if you don’t already have an account. If you believe you have a user account but have forgotten your credentials, use the Forgot Password page to recover your login information.