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Suicide Prevention Resources

The construction industry has the highest number of suicides and the highest suicide rate of any industry. As such, it is an industry imperative for contractors, unions, project owners, and industry service providers to address suicide prevention in construction as a safety priority. 

The mental well-being of a company’s workforce is equally as important as their physical well-being. If anyone is struggling with mental health issues, they may ignore all efforts of protection and could be a danger to themselves and others. 

This is why CFMA has been deeply involved in suicide prevention since the first article on the topic, written by Cal Beyer and Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, was published in CFMA Building Profits in 2015. Since the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) started as a CFMA task force in 2016, it has garnered support from contractors, unions, associations, and mental health organizations across the country.

April 2016 saw CFMA’s Valley of the Sun Chapter hosting the first regional summit on the topic, spurring on other CFMA Chapters to undertake similar initiatives. In 2018, the CIASP became a separate 501(c)(3) organization with its own governing body. And, in July 2019, the CIASP hired an association management company to handle its day-to-day operations – a major step in transitioning to an independent organization.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline graphic that is on the page now

24/7 free & confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress

Crisis Text Line

24/7 free crisis intervention — text HELLO to 741741

Poster that is attached

Free flyers & posters ready to print & display

Sally Cal questions graphic that is attached

What construction owners & supervisors must ask to create cultures promoting mental health awareness & suicide prevention

Sally Action Steps graphic that is attached

How to implement upstream, midstream & downstream tactics to help save lives

Analysis & Integration Page graphic that is attached

Evaluate & build mental health promotion & suicide prevention into the workplace

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Visit www.preventconstructionsuicide.com to Get Help, Get Informed, and Get Started. Now is the time for the industry to STAND up for suicide prevention and address it as a health and safety priority. 

Join CFMA in taking the pledge to create safe cultures, provide training to identify and help those at risk, raise awareness about the suicide crisis in construction, normalize conversations around suicide and mental health, and ultimately decrease the risks associated with suicide in construction.