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Kristy Domboski
Director of Editorial Services, CFMA

Stacy Williams
Membership Coordinator, CFMA

Margie Morris

Wayne Newitts

Michael Grant

Jen Haub

Victor Sturgis

Mike Sardo

Sue Madden
Education Manager, CFMA

Dave Miller

Pam Hummel

Yvette Aubin

Mary Kalczynski
Project Coordinator, CFMA

Dana John

Kyle Phillips
Webmaster, CFMA

Chris Mitchell
Web Systems Administrator, CFMA

Farah Iaia
Chapter Services Cordinator, CFMA

Stacey Scholl
Director, Finance, CFMA

Jenny Springs
Director, Meeting Services, CFMA

Tori Terrell

Mike Elek
Project Coordinator, CFMA

Scott Day  

Chris Zaucha  

Sal Marino  
Assistant Editor , CFMA

Rachel DiMatteo 
Graphic Designer, CFMA

Susan Flood 
Director of Art & Design, CFMA

Jonah Nadeau  

Laurel Seymour 
Executive Assistant, CFMA

Rich King  

Cait Platt 
Marketing Coordinator, CFMA

Jeremy Maxwell 
Secretary , CFMA

Rebecca Riedesel
Administrative Asssitance, CFMA

Tom Borgia
Treasurer, CFMA

Madeline Polino
Editorial Assistant, CFMA

Ken Chiccotella
2016-2017 Chairmen, CFMA

Samantha Lake
VP Marketing, CFMA

Pam Hepburn
Vice Chairman, CFMA

Stuart Binstock
President & CEO, CFMA

Michelle Eastman
Immediate Past Chairman, CFMA

Cathy Wasner
VP Member Services, CFMA

Kevin Booth
Chairman, CFMA

Brian Summers
VP Operations, CFMA

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