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Now Playing: No Time to Buy, Economic Outlook with Anirban Basu

Jan 03, 2023

This presentation supplies in-depth analysis of the major factors shaping economic outcomes, incl...

Leadership Economy
Is the Housing Market Already in Recession?

Dec 09, 2022

Yes, and the reason is abundantly clear: higher borrowing costs.

Economy Residential Contractors
Building a More Digital Economy

Dec 05, 2022

A signature element of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which came into being in 2021,...

Heavy/Highway Economy
Key Drivers for Mergers and Acquisitions in Engineering and Construction

Oct 03, 2022

The following content is sponsored by FMI. 2021 was a record year of mergers and acquisitions (M&...

Reporting Economy
Pessimism Grows

Sep 21, 2022

Another quarter has brought with it further declines in confidence among the nation’s leading con...

Compensation Update: It’s All About the Numbers

Jul 08, 2022

Whether times are good or we hit the eventual slump, construction compensation always offers some...

Heavy/Highway Accounting Income Recognition Budgeting & Planning Economy
Wanted: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Jun 20, 2022

A Hazy Shade of Worry

­­­Highway Costs Accelerate: Worker Shortages & Materials Prices Are the Culprits

May 05, 2022

Construction materials prices have managed to do their best Chevy Corvette imitation, zooming awa...

Heavy/Highway Economy
Managing Your Supply Chain During Unprecedented Times

Mar 29, 2022

Companies continue to bear the brunt of massive commodity inflation, uncertain material lead time...

Heavy/Highway Economy
Compensation Trends

Mar 24, 2022

It’s been another interesting year in the world of construction compensation. According to PAS, I...

Building Profits Budgeting & Planning Economy Payroll
Construction Industry Remains Upbeat; CONFINDEX is 116

Mar 14, 2022

CFMA's Economist Anirban Basu reviews the CONFINDEX results after Q1 of 2022.

A Practical Guide for Construction Creditors in a Bankruptcy

Jan 25, 2022

As the structure of the U.S. economy changes in response to COVID-19, many bankruptcy filings are...

Economy Building Profits
Inflation Nation

Dec 17, 2021

One item has dominated all others in recent discussion of the economy – inflation.

Economy Specialty Contractors
Construction Financial Professionals Remain Surprisingly Upbeat

Sep 17, 2021

Third-quarter 2021 results emerging from CFMA’s Confindex reveal surprisingly upbeat assessments ...

Powering the Future of Collaborative, Real-Time Cost Management

Aug 30, 2021

Sponsored Content: With construction projects and teams becoming more disconnected, the need for ...

Risk Management Specialty Contractors Accounting Reporting Budgeting & Planning Information Technology Leadership Contracts Economy
Construction Financial Executives Become Even More Upbeat

Jun 21, 2021

For more than a year, significant parts of the economy have been in hibernation.  Millions of job...

Shortage of Available Workers Slows Recovery

Jun 15, 2021

Much will depend on labor force growth in 2021.

Specialty Contractors Economy
State of the Construction Industry: Will Nonresidential Construction Rebound in 2021?

Apr 22, 2021

There are reasons for both optimism and pessimism regarding nonresidential construction’s prospec...

Specialty Contractors Economy
CONFINDEX Rebounds Like Never Before

Mar 24, 2021

Partial Recovery Plus Additional Stimulus Buoy Spirits. There are certainly many reasons for pess...

New Year, New President, Same Infrastructure Challenges

Mar 24, 2021

Making the case that American infrastructure is in crisis is a reasonably straightforward proposi...

Heavy/Highway Economy
Toward an Energized & Solvent Highway Trust Fund

Mar 24, 2021

Many years have come and gone since the federal government passed a transportation bill addressin...

Heavy/Highway Economy
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