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Reflections on 2020-21


I think the most notable effort this year stemmed from the 2019-20 strategic planning workshops. The Merger Exploration Committee was born from that process and continued its work this year. This has been an idea that has had a great deal of conversation over the years, but with the strength of the relationship between the ICCIFP and CFMA, these organizations thoughtfully worked together to explore the benefits of a merger, gain input from our certificate holders and members, and execute on the commitment to do what is in the best interest of both organizations. Because of this process, the ICCIFP/CFMA merger is expected to take effect on April 1, 2021.

It is important that I thank Stuart Binstock and Veronica Whitehead for their leadership and teamwork throughout this process, as well as the ICCIFP and CFMA Officers and task force members who gave so much time and effort to ensure a successful agreement. I am very confident that we are set up for success and that the incoming leadership and staff will have a positive transition over the coming year.

The CCIFP Exam

The Exam Development Committee, led by Bob Biehl, found ways to execute on its mission to increase the number of item writing workshops to expand our item bank. This effort helped make possible the release of a new exam, which includes items on the new revenue recognition standards.

Since testing centers were often closed during the pandemic, it was difficult for candidates to sit for the exam. So Veronica Whitehead secured ANSI-approved remote proctoring so that candidates could safely sit for the exam in their own homes or offices. 

Study groups have always been a great opportunity for exam preparation, and this year was no exception. With planning and execution by some very dedicated individuals, the Institute launched a national peer-led study group with over 100 participants. I applaud Veronica Whitehead and Phil Zak for leading this effort.

The ICCIFP Business Plan

This year’s ICCIFP business plan included expanded marketing efforts to showcase the value of certification and grow the number of certificate holders. We will continue to build on this plan in the future.   

The Future

This year brought many challenges and opportunities for which I am grateful, as they allowed me to work alongside some truly amazing people within both the ICCIFP and CFMA, and I am better for it. 

I especially wish to thank the ICCIFP Officers, Trustees, committees, and certificate holders for their commitment and dedication to certification and the Institute. I know that we are poised to continue to grow with renewed spirit as we are led by Pat Cebelak in the coming year.

Copyright © 2021 by the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). All rights reserved. This article first appeared in March/April 2021 CFMA Building Profits magazine.

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Gretchen Kelly, CFO, CPA, CCIFP

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