Member Two Cents: As a Specialty Trade Subcontractor, How Does Your Company Onboard New Field & Office Employees?

Given the current employment situation, many contractors are finding it difficult to hire the office and field staff they need to function. Once potential candidates are found, there are a variety of ways to assess, complete necessary paperwork, and train.  We asked some Specialty Trade CFMs about their company on-boarding process, both in the field and in the office.

Julie Barraza, CFO, Westcor Companies

Westcor Companies in Las Vegas, NV, is a subcontracting firm which performs framing, concrete, and pumping. They have been in business over 30 years. And is non-union residential company that employs over 400 employees.

“Here at Westcor, for office and field employees, we use ADP Recruitment. Using this service, we can post job opportunities which go to a few different agencies, such as Indeed. Applicants can submit their resumes directly through the website and the hiring manager is notified via email once a resume has been submitted.  Recruitment can then categorize where potential employees are most suitable. In this process, we can determine if the potential employee is suitable for the job or flag them for another job that may be available. Job opportunities are also posted on our company’s website so in-house employees can apply as well.

Once the resume has been reviewed, the hiring manager is able to make comments thru Recruitment and schedule interviews, which can be in person or online. Once it has been determined that the employee is suitable for the position, the new hire information is transferred into ADP. We have a new hire room in the office where they come to do the remainder of their paperwork on the computers, which we set up for their convenience.  Once the paperwork is done, they meet with the manager or another employee to set them up, show them around, and get what they need. If the hire is for the field, they’ll then meet up with the foreperson or superintendent.”

Dan Dryden, CFO, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a leading San Francisco Bay Area union construction subcontractor that provides demolition, grading, and paving and concrete-related services. The Company is a third-generation family-owned business and has over 900 employees.

“The onboarding process at JJA for office employees starts with a job requisition that is posted to our company’s website through our Bamboo HR software. Applicants can submit their resumes directly through the website and the hiring manager, as well as our Human Resources (HR) Department, get notified via email once a resume has been submitted. The hiring manager can make comments through the software such as scheduling a phone screen, bringing a candidate in for an interview, or noting if a candidate is not a fit for the position. Once an offer is extended, a new hire is provided a link to the company’s HR Portal via email where the new employee completes the new hire application, submits their W-4, completes their emergency contact information, etc. This information is directly transferred to our ERP system and sets the employee up in HR and our payroll system automatically. On an employee’s first day, the majority of the day is spent with HR going through orientation. The company has a new hire welcome video, the Safety department provides basic safety orientation, and the HR team reviews company policies and procedures as it relates to timecards, PTO requests, and expense reimbursements, as well as reviewing company provided health benefits. The employee also takes the required harassment training at this time. The company contracts with a clinic where the employee performs their pre-employment drug screening.

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