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How Will Working from Home Catalyze Industrialization?

Construction still strongly relies on the skilled trades for its final installation and any information and feedback leading up to that point, making physical presence and interaction by the jobsite and field workforce a requirement.

But in the aftermath of COVID-19, remote work will be accelerated. The examples and methods provided in this article can help you down the path of visibility to the work environment, which will lead to expanding the horizon of prefabrication to be more than just building assemblies.

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About the Authors

Dr. Heather Moore

Dr. Heather Moore is the Vice President of Operations of MCA, Inc. in Grand Blanc, MI. Her focus is on measuring and improving productivity. A previous author for CFMA Building Profits, she holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Construction Management from Michigan State University.

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Dr. Perry Daneshgari

Dr. Perry Daneshgari is President and CEO of MCA, Inc. in Grand Blanc, MI. MCA focuses on implementing process and product development, waste reduction, and productivity improvement of labor, project management, estimating, and accounting.

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