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How Technology Can Help Improve Productivity

When you start a home project with everything you need to get the job done, the project will likely go smoothly and take less time. On the other hand, if you have to run to the store constantly for tools and materials, then a several hour project can extend into several weekends.

The same is true in your construction company. Lack of the right tools and processes can bog down your team with inefficiencies that lead to quality issues. That doesn’t bode well for many contractors that are already dealing with productivity concerns due to labor shortages.

Optimize Your Team
One way to deal with the industry-wide labor crunch is to improve the productivity of your current staff. Besides investing in additional training, there are three other ways to do more with your staff:

Look for time-wasters in your current processes. Taking time to question and walk through current processes is the first step to creating a more efficient team.

Find ways to “hand off” your work. Think of technology as your personal assistant. For instance, use software to perform manual calculations, automatically notify internal and external stakeholders of important dates and details, monitor key performance indicators, and electronically enter data.

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Dennis Stejskal

Dennis Stejskal is Vice President of Strategy and Customer Success for the Construction and Real Estate business of Sage in its Beaverton, OR, location.

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