Creating a Connected Construction Supply Chain

It may seem redundant to talk about connecting a chain because, after all, connection is implied when invoking that word. However, in the construction industry, there are still links that need to be created to help improve the flow of materials – and ultimately of money – from pre-construction to payment. Some forward-thinking vendors and contractors are busy forging those links and using information technology as the tool to do so.

Supply-Side Economics
The success of Amazon in the domain of supply chain management is obvious. But replicating it in the construction industry is no small task. While dropping construction materials into online, one-click shopping carts is in its nascent stages in many markets, firms such as Ferguson are taking a technology-forward approach and moving the industry in that direction.

Another trend to watch is a closer connection between suppliers and their contractor clients, which is again enabled by technology. Here the software vendors are helping to move the ball forward with easy-to-access project collaboration platforms. ERP vendors are taking advantage of cloud-based accessibility and easy-to-use web browser interfaces to help all of the stakeholders in construction projects stay connected and informed in real-time.

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Wayne Newitts is Marketing Director at Viewpoint, a Trimble Company, and one of the leading providers of software solutions to the construction industry. He can be reached at

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