CFMA & AEMP Unveil Heavy Equipment Comparator to Enhance Construction Equipment Fleet Performance

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CFMA & AEMP Unveil Heavy Equipment Comparator

to Enhance Construction Equipment Fleet Performance


June 23, 2023, PRINCETON, NJ — Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) proudly announce the launch of the groundbreaking Heavy Equipment Comparator ( This tool has been developed to revolutionize the evaluation, measurement, and enhancement of equipment fleet performance. By collaborating over the past three years, CFMA, AEMP, and Industry Insights Inc. have established comprehensive industry standards and benchmarks to effectively assess equipment maintenance performance and costs.

Recognizing the industry’s long-standing need for uniformity in measuring equipment maintenance performance and costs, AEMP and CFMA launched the Heavy Equipment Fleet Management KPI Survey. The survey evaluated 32 key performance indicators (KPIs) spanning nine categories, with participation from 57 companies—representing more than 10% of the eligible survey population.

With the Heavy Equipment Comparator, construction financial professionals and fleet managers can now identify operational issues and make the necessary adjustments to enhance fleet productivity. This product empowers users to set performance benchmarks to measure progress, compare their performance against industry benchmarks, understand their operational health comprehensively, and make crucial adjustments to achieve their strategic objectives. By identifying areas for improvement and fostering the sharing of best practices across the industry, participating companies can anticipate improved equipment reliability, heightened utilization rates, and lower operational costs.

“The launch of the Heavy Equipment Comparator is a significant milestone for the construction industry,” says Rich King, CPA, CCIFP, Treasurer/CFO at Schlouch Incorporated and Co-Chair of this product for CFMA. “We are thrilled to provide construction financial professionals and fleet managers with an unprecedented tool to optimize their operations. By offering a standardized platform for performance evaluation, we aim to foster industry-wide improvement, elevate fleet management practices, and drive sustainable success.”

By harnessing the power of the Heavy Equipment Comparator, construction professionals can optimize their fleet management practices, reduce costs, enhance equipment reliability, and unlock unparalleled operational efficiencies.

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