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Tips & Best Practices for Successful ERP Transitions

Did you know that only about 30% of enterprise resource planning (ERP) transitions are rolled out on time, on a workable platform, and within the original project budget?1

ERP platforms are powerful systems. The decision to undertake an ERP transition should be well thought out with input from appropriate parties. Before deciding to make a change, explore whether your company is utilizing its ERP’s full functionality and whether adding bolt-on technology may satisfy any perceived shortcomings, even temporarily.

This article discusses lessons learned during ERP transitions, uncovers some insights that apply to virtually any size ERP initiative, and shares feedback from past experiences to serve as topics of discussion with your implementation team and/or consultant.

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About the Author

Edward Johnston

Edward Johnston is a Consulting Partner/Representative (interim role) at Renalytiks in the Greater New York City area. Renalytiks is a global consulting firm, combining business intelligence with research and technology to provide diverse support services to CFOs, CEOs and other senior decision-makers in growing businesses.

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