Now Playing: The Heavy Equipment Comparator: Standardization of Fleet Metrics — A Partnership between CFMA & AEMP

Fleet management can be a challenging business area to manage and improve. Balancing the size and composition of your fleet with effective maintenance practices, maximizing equipment utilization and optimizing fleet costs are key components to successful fleet management. Analyzing the complex relationship between these key business practices requires standardization along with insightful analytics. In this webinar, we will outline standardized industry metrics established by CFMA and the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP), which will define nine key business areas and 32 metrics to effectively manage and improve your heavy equipment fleet. The project, which was over two years in the making, will establish:

  • Common terminology, standard terms and definitions
  • Standard calculation and formulation methods for metrics
  • A common platform to benchmark performance between peers
  • Industry averages and best-in-class KPIs for comparison