Suicide Prevention & Wellness at Work - Joint Event with ABC

Jun 6, 2023 - 8:30 AM (ET) - 2101 E. Biddle Street, Suite 5000 Baltimore, Maryland, 21213
Hosted by Maryland, Baltimore, MD

About this Event

Americans spend a significant amount of time at work or thinking about it. Leaders are shaping the landscape of tomorrow and their Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Communication, and Time utilization are having a profound impact on how they lead, the opportunity and magnitude of success, and lifespan.

This session provides the knowledge to immediately enhance professional and personal wellness, presence, emotional intelligence, human connection, and success while simultaneously reducing risk for pain,
illness, injury, chronic disease, and associated medical costs.

Featured Speakers

Karen is a Baltimore-Based Wellness Enthusiast, Professional Speaker, CEO, Adjunct Graduate Professor at UMBC, and Mother of Two. She is passionate about creating a healthier tomorrow. With experience in physical therapy and the corporate world, she speaks from experience and her heart about the unmistakable way positively impact wellness and lifespan while reducing risk for worldwide wellness challenges and costs. She now partners with leaders who are changing the world to create systemic proactive corporate wellness philosophy changes.


Members: $50.00
Non-members: $75.00

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