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Improve Your Bottom Line With Captive Insurance

Jan 22, 2021

Insurance has long been a necessary tool for contractors and subcontractors and is commonly viewe...

Risk Management Contracts Building Profits
Fresh Perspectives: The Unassuming Fraudster & How Businesses Can Prevent Fraud

Jan 22, 2021

When considering fraud in today’s world, names that may come to mind include Bernie Madoff, Denni...

Risk Management Legal Human Resources Building Profits
It’s Time to Stop the Pain: Preventing Overexertion Injuries

Jan 22, 2021

In the construction industry, overexertion injuries form a serious and growing problem affecting ...

Specialty Contractors Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits Risk Management
Business Continuity Considerations: What’s Important?

Jan 22, 2021

Business continuity planning focuses on preserving and protecting a business from an unexpected “...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Leadership Building Profits Risk Management
Assembling the Modern Contractor’s Professional Liability Policy

Jan 22, 2021

Construction businesses continue to experience tremendous growth.

Legal Building Profits Risk Management
Identifying & Mitigating Fraud Risks in a Remote Working Environment

Jan 01, 2021

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on business operations have been devastating and far reaching.

Risk Management Legal Information Technology Building Profits
Brave New World: Managing & Mitigating Top Risks for Contractors

Sep 01, 2020

Effective risk management has always been critical to the profitability and sustainability of con...

Risk Management Building Profits Residential Contractors
Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Construction Workplace

Sep 01, 2020

Given the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 throughout the construction industry, it is imperative...

Risk Management Human Resources Building Profits Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Diversity & Inclusion
Changing Your Lien Waiver Process to Eliminate Financial Risk

Sep 01, 2020

Fixing the systemic payment issues within the construction industry and creating a quick, easy, s...

Risk Management Building Profits
The Constant Challenges Faced When Accounting for Change Orders & Claims

Sep 01, 2020

No matter how much preparation and planning goes into a project, there is always the chance that ...

Risk Management Accounting Building Profits
CFMs: Take That Sales Call

Sep 01, 2020

As a CFM, you are likely doing more with fewer resources now more than ever. You probably don’t h...

Risk Management Building Profits
Post-Pandemic Risk Management: Audits, OSHA & Employment Practices

Jul 01, 2020

To help manage your company’s business and employee risks related to COVID-19, this article cover...

Risk Management Building Profits
Beyond Guaranteed Cost: Best Practices to Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

May 01, 2020

Companies with a singular vision for improving risk management experience the best results while ...

Risk Management Building Profits
The Increased Importance of Vendor Fraud Protection

Mar 01, 2020

Contractors are managing more uncertainty than ever as the construction industry moves into the u...

Risk Management Building Profits
Joint Employment: A Growing Legal Trend & How to Manage It

Mar 01, 2020

During a labor shortage, many subcontractors and GCs seek out workers from third parties to fill ...

Risk Management Building Profits Workforce
Mitigating the Impact of Tariffs & Rising Material Costs

Jan 01, 2020

In the period leading up to the March 2018 imposition of tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%...

Risk Management Building Profits
Dividends & Deductibles & Retros, Oh My!

Sep 02, 2019

As an insurance and alternative risk finance specialist, I have spent many moments in the boardro...

Risk Management Budgeting & Planning Building Profits
Payment Issues: A Three-Step Method to Help Avoid Financial Risk

Sep 02, 2019

Whether it is risk of late payment, nonpayment, double payment, or risks associated with slim mar...

Risk Management Building Profits
Insurance Rates Are on the Rise

Aug 01, 2019

Specialty contractors should take note that the commercial insurance market is getting ready to m...

Risk Management Specialty Contractors
How Contractors Can Avoid Claim Pricing Pitfalls

Mar 01, 2019

From equipment and overhead rates to faulty math and logic, inaccurate or unreasonable claim pric...

Building Profits Risk Management Legal
Reservation of Rights Letters: Take Control of Your Legal Defense

Feb 01, 2018

When a contractor is forced to defend against a claim for construction defects, breach of warrant...

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