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Construction Financial Professionals Remain Surprisingly Upbeat

Sep 17, 2021

Third-quarter 2021 results emerging from CFMA’s Confindex reveal surprisingly upbeat assessments ...

Powering the Future of Collaborative, Real-Time Cost Management

Aug 30, 2021

Sponsored Content: With construction projects and teams becoming more disconnected, the need for ...

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Construction Financial Executives Become Even More Upbeat

Jun 21, 2021

For more than a year, significant parts of the economy have been in hibernation.  Millions of job...

Shortage of Available Workers Slows Recovery

Jun 15, 2021

Much will depend on labor force growth in 2021.

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State of the Construction Industry: Will Nonresidential Construction Rebound in 2021?

Apr 22, 2021

There are reasons for both optimism and pessimism regarding nonresidential construction’s prospec...

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CONFINDEX Rebounds Like Never Before

Mar 24, 2021

Partial Recovery Plus Additional Stimulus Buoy Spirits. There are certainly many reasons for pess...

New Year, New President, Same Infrastructure Challenges

Mar 24, 2021

Making the case that American infrastructure is in crisis is a reasonably straightforward proposi...

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Toward an Energized & Solvent Highway Trust Fund

Mar 24, 2021

Many years have come and gone since the federal government passed a transportation bill addressin...

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Construction Cost Management: The Quiet Revolution

Mar 21, 2021

Sponsored Content: In construction the “bottom line” is comprised of a thousand moving targets. T...

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Fresh Perspectives: Blockchain Technology Explained

Jan 22, 2021

Blockchain technology offers a new way to process and store transactions, eliminating a lot of ma...

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New Corporate Performance Management Tools Can Add Value

Jan 22, 2021

When an economic sector is booming, companies line up at the door to supply goods and services. H...

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4 Key Trends in 2021 to Maximize Profits

Jan 15, 2021

The past year has been a challenging one for the construction industry.

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Near-Term Outlook is Not Upbeat, but Hope Springs Eternal

Dec 01, 2020

During the pandemic’s earlier phases, the U.S. construction industry represented a bulwark of rel...

The State of State & Local Government Finances

Nov 02, 2020

Fiscally, the biggest difference between the federal government and state/local governments is th...

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2020 Year-End Planning

Nov 02, 2020

2020 has been anything but predictable.

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Industry Outlook: Attitudes & Expectations

Nov 02, 2020

While some contractors were taking recession-proof measures such as containing expenditures and k...

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Finding Opportunity: Protecting Your Employees & Preserving Your Culture

Nov 02, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, many contractors were focused on recruiting and retaining employees – u...

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COVID-19: Another Tectonic Shift in the Business Operation Models

Sep 01, 2020

Disruptions to business operations are seldom as abrupt as COVID-19 and other comparable tectonic...

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Toward the “Next” Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Spending Plan

Aug 01, 2020

In 2015, federal politicians set aside their political differences long enough to pass the Fixing...

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Everything Changed. Everything

Jun 01, 2020

Confindex Dips to Multi-Year Lows

Living With & After COVID-19

May 01, 2020

Typically, recessions sneak up on us, like a cat in the night.

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