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Fresh Perspectives: Planning for a Successful Transition

Mar 01, 2018

Succession planning is a deeply personal process for those looking to transition out of the busin...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits
Strategic Management for Small Contractors

Mar 01, 2018

Strategic management is vital to ensuring success and profitability, especially in the constructi...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits
Changing the Perception of Construction Careers

Jan 01, 2018

To meet growing employment needs, it's time to shift the perception of construction careers as Ge...

Human Resources Workforce Economy Building Profits
From Applicant to Engaged Employee: Making the Most of the First Six Months

Jan 01, 2018

Preventing unnecessary turnover means understanding the importance of investing in the hiring and...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Leadership Workforce Building Profits
Fresh Perspectives: Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation

Jan 01, 2018

Multiple generations have always worked alongside each other, but never have there been as many s...

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits
How to Prioritize Talent as a Strategic Imperative

Jan 01, 2018

Developing and engaging employees, managing performance, and providing career development are cri...

Budgeting & Planning Workforce Building Profits Human Resources Leadership
Why Suicide Prevention in Construction?

Nov 01, 2017

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), construction has the highest sui...

Human Resources Workforce
How to Develop & Improve Your Reputation

Aug 01, 2017

The secret to developing a great reputation is ensuring that every encounter with your company is...

Human Resources
There Is No Bad Project – Only Bad Risk Management

Jun 01, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid a bad construction project before it starts? Nobody wants to waste t...

Risk Management Human Resources
Time to Get Social

May 01, 2017

From communicating with customers to recruiting potential employees, social media offers contrac...

Human Resources
Critical Considerations for Complex Insurance Programs

Apr 01, 2017

As contractors seek ways to control costs and increase profit margins, they are more frequently l...

Building Profits Human Resources Workforce
Fringe Benefit Pitfalls: Navigating Employee Benefits Under the Davis-Bacon Act

Mar 01, 2017

Contractors have increasingly come to realize the significant savings opportunities of leveraging...

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits
Are Paid Sick Leave Policies Subject to ERISA?

Mar 01, 2017

Paid sick leave – you either love it or hate it, right? As of this writing, seven states,1 the Di...

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits
How to Select the Right Staffing Agency

Mar 01, 2017

Experienced staffing agencies can help contractors by providing workers and managing HR issues. H...

Human Resources
Avoiding a Crisis: Strategies to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Dec 01, 2016

Job-related accidents can sometimes result in serious injuries, such as strained backs, torn rota...

Human Resources
Navigating the Construction Industry’s Talent Shortage

Nov 01, 2016

Following the Great Recession, the construction industry still hasn’t recovered from its exodus o...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources
Construction & Suicide Prevention: Why Is This An Industry Imperative?

Nov 01, 2016

10 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
Company-Wide Compliance Programs: Assign Responsibility & Create Accountability

Sep 01, 2016

As a construction company grows and expands, so do the intricacies, nuances, and responsibilities...

Human Resources Building Profits
Serious Injury & Fatality: Shifting Culture & Redefining Success

Sep 01, 2016

A much-needed shift is underway in the safety field related to how success is measured

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits
The Art of Influencing People, Part 3

Jun 01, 2016

Parts 1 and 2 of this article discussed the art of influencing people and shared communication be...

Human Resources
Doing Business Away from Home: Have You Done Your Homework?

May 02, 2016

When contractors leave home to follow their customers to new areas

Human Resources Workforce Building Profits
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