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Moving to the Cloud While Keeping Financial Data Secure

Cloud-based computing continues to play a dominant role in the construction industry as more contractors turn to mobile technologies to help streamline processes and increase collaboration. While many in the field value the convenience and efficiency of cloud computing, some CFMs are hesitant to move to the cloud. Many recognize the benefits of cloud computing but are skeptical of the cloud’s ultimate security and wary of entering sensitive data.

The good news is the cloud doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. The blending of on-premise systems, public cloud solutions, and private cloud services (also called hybrid cloud computing) continues to gain momentum, providing more choices.

Making Software Mobile
For CFMs who keep financial and other sensitive data “on-premise” in backend systems, there are still options for increasing collaboration and mobility as more on-premise software is becoming web- and mobile-enabled. The extension of on-premise software into the mobile environment provides greater authorized access to backend accounting and other important information without putting the data directly into the cloud.

Essentially, on-premise software and data can remain on company machines or in a data center. The cloud technology, in this case, is used more as a secure “browser” or gateway into backend systems to provide the mobile access for CFMs and their teams.

There are many ways on-premise software can be extended for mobile use including daily reports, RFIs, submittals, change orders, service management, and reporting. Keep in mind that the best solutions do not merely provide the same view of the desktop software on a smart phone. These mobile solutions are designed with on-the-go needs in mind, while also capable of updating key information in the back office. This can significantly improve communication between the field and office, saving your team time and money.

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Dennis Stejskal

Dennis Stejskal is Vice President of Strategy and Customer Success for the Construction and Real Estate business of Sage in its Beaverton, OR, location.

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