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Five Keys to Successful IT Implementation & Collaboration

Consider the following familiar scenario: A management team evaluated how its company’s daily processes are handled and realized that many tasks are completed manually, paperwork is shuffled back and forth, and no concrete protocol exists for document storage. As a result, the IT department has been asked to find an electronic content management system with the goal of going paperless.

Since A/P handles a tremendous amount of paperwork, that’s where the project primarily focuses. The IT department searched for document management software to seamlessly integrate with the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. After months of research, the IT team selected a solution to best fit the company’s needs and integrate with the current ERP system. Now it’s time to install and test with the A/P team. This is where the collaboration for a successful implementation begins.

Collaboration among different teams and departments within a company is integral to the success of any business process – and to the success of the company as well. As all areas of a company become increasingly infused with technology, collaboration with IT becomes much more critical.

This article will explore keys to effective collaboration: a shared language among the teams, understanding the company’s culture, leadership support, setting expectations, and establishing a service-oriented IT group.

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About the Authors

Jason Keen

Jason Keen, CPA, CCIFP, is Chief Financial Officer at Jon M Hall Company in Sanford, Florida.

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David Middleton

David Middleton is the IT Manager at Lehman-Roberts Company, a heavy/highway contractor in Memphis, TN.

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